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Luigi v2.0
Aleksandra Simeonova @Luigi on Feb 10, 2023

You can read about the new features in Luigi v2.0 in the release notes below.

The Luigi project has reached a new milestone and released Luigi 2.0! There are some important changes in this release which users should take note of.

Ending support for IE11

As of v2.0, Luigi will no longer be able to support the Internet Explorer 11 browser. IE11 is also no longer supported by Microsoft and Edge is recommended instead.

Updating to Angular 14 and 15

Luigi v2.0 will no longer be able to support Angular versions 13 or below. The Luigi Angular support library can now be used with Angular 14 or 15 instead. You can read about how to update your Angular version here.

Renaming GitHub branch to main

For Luigi v2.0, we renamed our GitHub default branch from master to main. This means that if you have cloned the Luigi repository, you need to switch to the main branch. You can use the following commands to do so:

git branch -m master main
          git fetch upstream
          git branch -u upstream/main main


For a full list of bugfixes in this release, see our changelog.

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