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Luigi v1.26.0
Aleksandra Simeonova @Luigi on Jan 17, 2023

You can read about the new features in Luigi v1.26.0 in the release notes below.

Enhanced Left Navigation Accessibility

In Luigi v1.26.0, we resolved issues related to accessibility in the left side navigation. We made the collapsed-state left navigation buttons accessible via keyboard and the collapsed-state category popups closeable via the escape key. For reference, see the pull request.

Callback Added to OpenAsModal for Core API

We added the parameter onCloseCallback to openAsModal in the Luigi Core API. The callback function is called upon closing the opened modal. For more information, see the pull request.

Luigi Client Type Declaration for Web Components

In this release, we added Luigi Client type declaration for Web Components. For more information, see the pull request.

Alignment of StatusBadge

We added a new property which allows you to set the alignment of Luigi's status badge element. You can set the align attribute to right or left, and the default is left. For example:

statusBadge: {
              label: 'Settings',
              type: 'positive',
              align: 'right'   

Titles for Expand and Collapse Category Buttons

In the current release, we introduced a way to configure a title/label for expand and collapse buttons on navigation node categories. You can configure each button individually by using the category attributes titleExpandButton and titleCollapseButton, or you can set defaults for all buttons using defaults.category.

Function 'isDrawer' in Luigi Client API

In Luigi v1.26.0, we added the isDrawer function to the Luigi Client API. This function checks if the current micro frontend is displayed inside a drawer. Some similar functions that were already available before this release are isModal and isSplitview.

We added the possibility to define external links for intent-based navigation. For example, for this intentMapping:

                semanticObject: 'External',
                action: 'view',
                externalLink: { url: '', openInNewTab: true }

Any of the following should navigate to in a new tab:


See the pull request and advanced scenarios for more information.

LuigiElement Shadow Mode Configuration

Luigi Client's LuigiElement no longer sets the shadow mode to closed. Instead, there is an option to configure it as open or closed. See the pull request for more information.

History Handling for Modals

In this release, we improved the browser history handling of modals. Due to the limitation of the history.length object to 50 entries in Chrome and Firefox browsers, this was changed to a history.state object. See the pull request for more information.


For a full list of bugfixes in this release, see our changelog.

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