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Luigi v1.18.0
Aleksandra Simeonova @Luigi on Nov 2, 2021

You can read about the new features in Luigi v1.18.0 in the release notes below.

customAlertHandler function

The new customAlertHandler function allows you to disable the default Luigi alerts and configure your own. It receives settings and openFromClient as parameters. For example:

            settings: {
              customAlertHandler: ()=>{
               return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
                 //custom alert implementation

You can find more information here or in the general settings documentation.

TooltipText parameter

We implemented a new TooltipText parameter which allows you to set a custom tooltip which will be shown when you hover over the nodes in the navigation. The parameter needs to be added to the navigation: section of the Luigi configuration file. Additionally, there is a defaults.tooltipText parameter which allows you to set (or disable) the tooltip for all nodes. For more information, read the documentation.

updateModalSettings method

The new Luigi Client method updateModalSettings allows you to change the size and title of a modal. This means that if the open micro frontend changes route internally, it can be reflected in the modal header. You can find more information in the Luigi Client API.

We enabled Core API templating for compound children and external link nodes, meaning it's possible to use {i18n.currentLocale} with a viewUrl. You can find more information here.


For a full list of bugfixes in this release, see our changelog.

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