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Luigi v1.16.0
Aleksandra Simeonova @Luigi on Aug 27, 2021

You can read about the new features in Luigi v1.16.0 in the release notes below.

Extended intent based navigation

A new API method navigateToIntent was introduced. The method internally generates a URL of the form #?intent=<semantic object>-<action>?<param_name>=<param_value> through the given input arguments. This then follows a call to the original linkManager.navigate(...) function. Consequently, the following calls will have the exact same effect:

linkManager().navigateToIntent('Sales-settings', {project: 'pr2', user: 'john'})

newTab option in linkManager

This is another improvement to the Luigi Client linkManager API. It is an option that allows you to open paths in a new window through Luigi Client linkManager:


You can read more in the documentation here.


For a full list of bugfixes in this release, see our changelog.

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