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Luigi v1.14.0
Aleksandra Simeonova @Luigi on Jun 22, 2021

Luigi v1.14.0 includes an update to a new version of Fundamental Library Styles, new options in the user settings, and a new Core API function. Read the release notes below to learn more.

Update Fundamental Library Styles to v0.18

In this release, we updated the version of Fundamental Styles from v0.17 to v0.18. There is a new layout for User Menu from Fiori 3. You can find more details on the Fundamental Styles page.

Extend Luigi Emulator functionality

We improved the Luigi testing utilities, which you can learn more about in our documentation.

The Luigi Emulator was extended with the following features:

  • Add LuigiMockModule and LuigiMockUtil.
  • LuigiMockModule is part of @luigi-project/client-support-angular
  • LuigiMockUtil will be part of the new @luigi-project/testing-utils
  • Luigi Mock message elements are added onto the DOM and hidden from end user.

Add User Settings placeholder

It is now possible to specify placeholder values for input fields in the User Settings configuration. For example:

userAccount: {
                label: 'User Account',
                sublabel: 'username',
                icon: 'account',
                title: 'User Account',
                settings: {
                  name: { type: 'string', label: 'Name', placeholder: 'Type your name' },

This feature is optional and you can find more information in the User Settings Luigi documentation.

Reset Luigi via the Luigi Core API

There are situations where you want to completely reset Luigi's state (cached micro frontends, etc.) e.g. if a very basic thing has changed at runtime that affects the whole application, like a theme switch, but a full page refresh is not desired.

To make this easier, we included a new reset function in the Luigi Core API. You can find the details in the Core API documentation.


For a full list of bugfixes in this release, see our changelog.

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