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Luigi updates
Aleksandra Simeonova @Luigi on Feb 8, 2021

In this blog post, you can read about the most important updates and new features in the recent Luigi releases.

Web components

In Luigi v1.7.0, we introduced a great new feature - support for Web Components. This has the potential to add a lot of new capablities to your Luigi apps, including a simple way to include more than one micro frontend on one page. You can find more resources and tutorials about Web Components here. You can find the documentation for web components on our website here.

An example of Luigi Web Components can be found on our sandbox application Luigi Fiddle. You can click the "Modify Config" button to see how the Web Components are configured in Luigi. The full source code of Luigi Fiddle can also be found on our GitHub repo, in case you also want to delve deeper into the example.

Luigi Client Angular support library

Also in v.1.7.0, we introduced a support library for Luigi Client in Angular. After you import the library to your project, you can use different features related to routing and contexts in Luigi. You can find more information about the library here.

Fundamental Library Styles - breaking changes

With Luigi v1.9.0, the new v0.14.0 of Fundamental Library Styles were included. Its previous v0.12.0 led to having breaking changes in the Luigi left side navigation and the shellbar. All icons were moved out from pseudo-classes into a dedicated tag under the button. You can see all breaking changes of Fundamental Library Styles v0.12.0 here.

Confirmation modals

With v.1.10.0, we introduced support for different types of confirmation modals. Modals can be of type confirmation, success, error, warning, or information and they can be configured using the Luigi Core API. The confirmation button can also be hidden with the settings.buttonConfirm parameter.

More features

For a full list of new features and bugfixes, see our changelog.

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