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Luigi v1.4.0
Aleksandra Simeonova @Luigi on Sep 9, 2020

Luigi v1.4.0 includes new features such as support for theming and feature toggles. You can find more information in the release notes below.

Theming API

Luigi now supports theming, which can help you provide a better user experience. For example, you can enable a light and dark theme for your app. For more details on how to use theming, go to the Luigi Core API theming section.

Feature toggles

As of v1.4.0, Luigi also offers support for feature toggles. Feature toggles are a technique that can make development teams more efficient. Luigi allows you to add feature toggles through the Core API or through URL parameters. The full documentation can be found here.

Luigi example with NextJS

Have you ever wondered if you can use Luigi with NextJS? The answer is "yes", and in this release we included a new example Luigi application that is running on top of NextJS. You can install the example and try it yourself by following the steps here.

Fundamental Styles update

With Luigi v1.4.0, the new v0.11.0 of Fundamental Library Styles were included. As a result, there were breaking changes to the Luigi Alerts. The classes fd-overlay fd-overlay--message-strip were removed from Fundamental Library Styles and we added a new class luigi-alert--overlay to keep the same look and feel as in the past. You can see all breaking changes of Fundamental Library Styles here.

Core and Client API additions

Two new functions were added to the Luigi Core API, setDocumentTitle and getDocumentTitle. They allow you to set and get a document title without configuring the Luigi header.

The Luigi Client API also includes a new function, closeCurrentModal, which fires a luigi.close-modal event.


For a full list of bugfixes in this release, see our changelog.

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